About Me

I work from my studio in the heart of a peaceful Norfolk village, surrounded by fields and big skies.
My paintings are mostly acrylic collage, composed entirely of my own hand-painted material.
I love colour, texture and the unusual. Experimenting with new ideas helps me to achieve  some exciting results, usually by design, quite often by accident!
I tend to be drawn towards natural subjects, being constantly amazed by their beauty.
I am also a published children's picture book illustrator. 'Jamil's Clever Cat,' French/Newby is still in print and forms part of the National Curriculum literacy scheme. ' The Times' described the illustrations as "gorgeous."
I hope the joy that painting gives me is passed on in some way to the people who look at my work.



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  1. Stuart Green avatar
    Stuart Green Nov 27, 2013

    Just this morning walked around the display at the forum library in Norwich. I looked at all of your work there and I must say it was amazing. I loved the fishing boat. I rarely see any work by artists that are not afraid to use so much color!!
    I’ve got my eye on one of the chameleon prints I found here.
    Absolutely amazing.