"We love the vibrancy and originality of your art."   Sue and Brian Weatherill

"Lovely work - fresh and vibrant colours and textures."  John Pratchett

"Amazing depth and textures. Super vibrant colours."  Jenny Bacon

"Lovely joyful, colourful pictures."  Jill Rockett

"Fantastic. Such beautiful work. So original." Barry and Christine Mason

"Richard Newby will be a name to be reckoned with."  D. Pearson

"I particularly liked Richard Newby's collages because of the wonderful rich patterns, colours and textures."

Jill Wiltshire.

"Wonderful work as usual. The more you look, the more you see. Love the textures." Peter and Elaine Shields.

"Love Richard Newby's collages. An innovative take on a traditional subject".  Katie

"A very talented Richard Newby - fun, evocative, atmospheric and enjoyable."

"Richard Newby's paintings are amazing and so colourful." Sam (aged 10 )